Deferring your offer of admission

If you have been admitted to a first-year program at UVic, you can request to defer your admission to the following September. A few examples of opportunities or circumstances that may be considered as valid grounds for deferral are:

  • participation in an exchange or volunteer program
  • financial necessity
  • personal health or psychological affliction
  • distress or responsibility regarding an immediate family member.

Except in extenuating circumstances, deferrals are usually only available to current high school students. Most other applicants must reapply when they are ready to begin their studies at UVic.

Important information

  • Students who defer admission may not attend another post-secondary institution.
    • Attendance at another postsecondary institution will invalidate your deferral and you will be required to submit a new application for undergraduate studies.
  • Housing and scholarships will also be considered for deferral.
    • If you have received an entrance scholarship, contact the Scholarship Officer (, 250-721-8108) to discuss your intention to defer.

Deadline for deferral requests

The deadline to request deferral of your admission is August 1. Decision notifications will be sent out by email beginning in mid-August for all requests received by the deadline.

  • Requests to defer admission should not be submitted until an official offer of admission has been received.
  • All conditions of the offer must be met before the deferral decision can be made (i.e. after final grades have been received)
  • Deferral decisions for programs with supplemental applications will be made in consultation with the department.

If your deferral is approved, you will receive a new admission letter via email in early September, followed by a pre-registration email the next May.

How to apply for deferral

To apply for a deferral of admission, submit a letter to the Director of Undergraduate Admissions including:

  • your UVic student number
  • The faculty and program to which you have been accepted
  • the reasons for your request
  • all available supporting documentation (e.g. physician's letter, proof of exchange program, etc.).

Documents can be submitted via one of the following methods:

  • by email to your admission assistant
  • by mail or courier to one of the addresses below
  • in person to the Undergraduate Admissions office.

Once your request has been received, you will receive an acknowledgement via email.

Undergraduate Admissions addresses

Undergraduate Admissions
University of Victoria
PO Box 3025 STN CSC
Victoria, BC V8W 3P2

Undergraduate Admissions
University of Victoria
University Centre, Room A102
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC V8W 5C2


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