Our People

Romeo Villanueva
Three of our faculty members, as envisioned by student Romeo Villanueva

Working professional artists

Our core faculty are dedicated not only to teaching, but also to furthering their own careers as working professional artists. We also offer access to a wide range of retired faculty who retain the designation of Professor Emeritus, including the acclaimed likes of

Indigenous knowledge and practice

Situated on traditional Coast and Straits Salish territory, UVic is recognized for its commitment to and expertise in innovative programs and initiatives that support Indigenous students and communities. We recognize the special role the university can play in relation to Canada’s Indigenous peoples. We continue to build on our commitment to — and our greatly valued relationship with — Indigenous communities.

As a part of the Faculty of Fine Arts committment to Indigenization, Visual Arts is the home of the Audain Professor of Contemporary Arts of the Pacific Northwest. Since 2011, we have invited a rotating series of mid-career Indigenous artists to serve a one-year teaching term, where they can work with our students and further their own practice. Recent Audain Professors include: