Financial aid and awards

The Faculty of Fine Arts is proud to offer more scholarships and bursaries than any other UVic faculty, in addition to participating in various university-wide funding initiatives. 

Art history & visual studies (AHVS) students may exclusively apply for these awards:

You may also be considered for funding by completing the general bursary application (only one application is necessary to be considered for all bursaries):

AHVS will also nominate undergraduate students for these awards (you don't have to apply):

Third- and fourth-year students may apply for a research opportunity under the mentorship of a faculty member via the Jamie Cassels Undergraduate Research Awards (JCURA).

Emergency bursaries for all students

The Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA) Office has emergency funding for students who experience unexpected or crisis situations.

Emergency bursaries for Indigenous students

Student job options

The UVic Work Study program also allows students to work in degree-related positions. There is normally an opportunity each year for a student to work with the visual resource curator.

Learn about other general bursaries and scholarships on the Fine Arts student finance page, and find out about Work Study and other job options on the Fine Arts student job page.

Finally, be sure to explore the Student Financial Aid Office for more information on scholarships and bursaries.