Visual resources and DIDO

Visual Resources and DIDO
Visual Resources curator Iona Hubner is here to help with your image needs

Looking for images for a presentation or a slide review? DIDO (Digital Image Database Online) is where to look.

With over 70,000 digital images, DIDO contains works of art, architecture, and other visual material you will need in your classes. Given the wide-ranging courses in the Art History and Visual Studies department, DIDO includes a vast range of images representing a variety of religions, world cultures, and historical periods. 

Helpful guides

If you are looking for image reviews posted by your instructor, here is a quick guide on How to View Instructor Presentations in DIDO. For an introduction to DIDO and its many features, have a look at DIDO Getting Started.

Image databases

DIDO is available exclusively to everyone in all Fine Arts departments, and users can log in using their UVic NetLink ID and password.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for?  Check out Artstor Digital Library which is subscribed to by UVic Libraries and is open to everyone at UVic.

Need further help?  Please contact , Visual Resources Curator, and set up an appointment.

For questions about image use and copyright, please contact the UVic Copyright Office.