Petch Chiller Replacement - Sound and Vibration

Petch, Outdoor Aquatic Unit, Engineering/ Computer Science Building, Engineering Laboratory Wing

Facilities Management and Cool Air are installing a temporary back up chiller in the space between the Petch and Aquatics buildings.

This chiller is being installed this morning with installation and fencing continuing until tomorrow. Tomorrow, Wednesday June 5th, the temporary chiller will be tested. Though we are installing sound attenuating blankets around the chiller’s fencing at ground level, the chiller’s operation is anticipated to make a significant amount of noise.

This temporary chiller will be supplementing the function of a pair of failing chillers which ensure the safe operation and preservation of research in the Petch, Cunningham, and Elliot buildings. It will likely run continuously during heat events and may be required to take over 24/7 chilling functions should the partially functioning chiller fail completely.  A new, permanent chiller is being ordered, but may not arrive until early 2025.

If you are involved in noise or vibration sensitive research in this area, I encourage you to take note of the noise produced during this trial tomorrow, and to reach out to me with any long-term concerns about the amount of noise experienced during this test. I will work with you to arrange for individual solutions to allow your research or classes to continue to function.

Tuesday, June 4 and Wednesday, June 5, 2024

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Contact/ Organizer Name - Jen Miley, Project Manager

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