Engineering Lab Wing (ELW) Boiler Room Renovation – One Day Extension for Second Round of Air Compressor Work, and relocation of temporary air compressor


This is a One Day Extension for the second round of air compressor work. It follows the same daily schedule and impacts as an earlier notification.

Facilities Management and Aral Construction are currently working on the renovation of the boiler room on the north side of the ELW building. We will be relocating the back up air compressor as part of the project. This will impact compressed air supply to all the buildings sited above. We will be using a temporary back up air compressor to campus to minimize any disruption. That compressor will be able to provide the same quality of air as our current compressors, but there may be effects on air quality and pressure, during the switch over times.

This is notice of a one-day extension of work, which is ongoing and had been previously scheduled to end on Tuesday, May 2nd. This work will now complete on Wednesday May 3rd.

Additionally, the existing temporary air compressor will be relocated across the driveway on Tuesday, May 2nd, where it will remain until the end of the day on Wednesday May 3rd. Please see the attached plan for the new location of the back up compressor.

Please consider, if you are able, to reschedule work utilizing compressed air while the temporary compressor is engaged, as there will be no back up if it goes down.  

Below are the confirmed dates and durations for when the air compressor work will be occurring. Thank you to all who have provided input on your requirements for this work.

Thursday, April 27th – Wednesday, May 3rd The main campus air compressors will be replaced by a temporary air compressor, to allow re-piping and relocation. There will be no back-up air compressor during this period.

7:00 am – 7:30 am, everyday during this time period:  The main compressor will be de-energized, and the campus compressed air supply will be switched over to the rental compressor. You may experience effects on air quality and pressure during the switch over period.

3:00 pm -3:30 pm, everyday during the time period:  The main compressor will be re-energized and turned back on at the end of the shift each day. You may experience effects on air quality and pressure during the switch over period.

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Contact/ Organizer Name - Jen Miley, Project Manager

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