Cunningham Woods Forest Path Widening – Selective Tree Removal

Cunningham Woods Forest Path (between ECS and MSB)

Selective tree removal will take place at the forest path between the Engineering and Medical Sciences Buildings, in order to create a safer, wider path for pedestrian use. This path will also serve as an emergency evacuation route for ECS occupants (required due to the active Engineering Expansion construction site to the south of ECS).

Trees were professionally assessed for removal by a certified arborist. New trees will be planted, and the university is committed to protecting and managing the ecological diversity of the natural areas on campus.

Note: Further work to widen the path and install pathway lighting will take place during the upcoming Reading Break: Feb 19-23.

Saturday, February 10, 2024

View/ Download Facilities Notice: EE-Forest Path Widening

Contact/ Organizers:
Orianne Johnson,
Adam Gerber,