Cornett Building - Partial Roof Replacement - POSTPONED

Cornett A & B Wing

Facilities Management is working with Flynn Canada on the roof replacement of A & B Wings of the Cornett building starting Monday, June 17th with completion targeted for August 16th.

The areas of replacement including the contractor’s mobilization area are shown on the attached map.

There will be noisy work starting June 20th until July 5th while the rock ballast is being vacuumed off the roof areas. The vacuum truck will be located in the mobilization area.

There will be a crane on site:

June 20th to unload materials from the roof.
June 27th to load materials on the roof.

Please respect the directions of safety officers and signage during this time.

Monday, June 17 to Friday August 16, 2024

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Contact/ Organizer Name - Terry Moen, Project Manager

Contact/ Organizer Email Address -