New FMIS Self-Serve System

We are excited to announce that starting May 9th, 2018, a new version of the FMIS Self-Serve System will go live for the campus community. We have been working hard to bring you an updated and improved self-service system to ease the process of submitting and tracking service requests for Facilities Management.

Before this transition it is important to note the following;

  • Starting May 9th you will not be able to access the current version of FMIS. The new FMIS software will go-live and replace the current system.
  • Accessing the new FMIS will mirror the current process. Login to and click on the link found under “My Online Tools” in the UVic Global Menu.
  • FMGT Staff members will identify and transfer all requests that are not expected to be completed by July 1st, into the new FMIS software. You will receive an email confirmation at the time the request is transferred, which will include the new tracking information.
  • Requests made before May 9th that are scheduled to be completed before July 1st will be closed by FMGT Staff members in the current version of FMIS as the work is completed.
  • Questions regarding the status of your work order can be directed to

During this time of transition to the new FMIS software, there may be minor disruptions to our normal service standards. We kindly ask for your cooperation and consideration in allowing us to work through these issues in a timely matter with you and our Facilities Management team.

All questions regarding the upgrade of the new FMIS Software can be directed to the Facilities Management, Customer Service team at