Keeping your cool on campus during summer months

What can I do if it’s too warm where I work or study?

In the summer months sometimes, it gets a bit too warm in our buildings.  

UVic prides itself on its energy conservation and its commitment to being a green campus. It takes a lot of energy to cool a building, and because of the moderate climate in Victoria, air conditioning isn’t used for personal comfort on the campus. The buildings on campus use what is known as “free cooling” to moderate the temperature of the building, which involves bringing in outdoor air. It is important to be aware that changes to building temperature can take time in order to be felt by occupants, and in some instances, little can be done to cool the space due to outside air temperature and building design.

Here are some tips for keeping your area cool in the summer: 

  • Pull down your window shades.
  • Keep windows closed, unless there is a breeze.
  • Turn off any extra, unused electronic equipment.
  • Take advantage of natural light, and turn off extra lights.
  • Dress appropriately for the heat.
  • Stay hydrated! Get lots of water to keep cool!

If you find you’re too warm, please submit a FMIS request through the online system, and our Mechanical Engineers will do their best to keep you comfortable.