Custodial Services COVID Cleaning and Disinfection Statement

The University of Victoria is taking a coordinated approach with respect to cleaning and hygiene related matters on campus.  As per requirements provided through the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Office (OHSE) and in accordance with recommendations set out by BC’s Provincial Health Officer, Custodial Services, Facilities Management is conducting twice per day high touch disinfection in most common areas of buildings.  Common area refers to areas that are shared by multiple and continuously changing users such as public corridors, lobbies, washrooms, elevators, stairwells, classrooms, lounges, kitchenettes, boardrooms, and meeting rooms.  The types of surfaces that are being disinfected include but are not limited to door handles and push bars, light switches, kitchen counters, tables and common area seating.  Units will need to conduct their own high-touch cleaning (HTC) in some areas; this includes HTC of tools and equipment and as laid out in their own approved safe work plans.  An example of this includes shared computer lab type spaces; the occupants and/or lab staff will be required to disinfect keyboards, photocopiers, printers and such.

Cleaning protocols are being developed for teaching spaces, such as classrooms, with consideration for variables such as schedules, maximum occupancies, traffic flow in/out of buildings, and hygiene guidelines.

Hand sanitizing stations will be supplied, installed, and replenished by Facilities Management at all major entrances on the main floors of all buildings.  Should you need additional cleaning and hygiene- related supplies for your specific department, the Campus Bookstore is the source for centralized procurement and distribution for non-research areas and academic and administrative offices.  Science Stores, located in the Petch building, is the source for centralized procurement and distribution of cleaning and hygiene-related supplies for research-related areas.

Signage for common areas such as elevators, washrooms, lounges is being coordinated by the Building Safety Team working with department administrators and local safety committees.