Emergency on Gas Transmission Lines – Service Advisory

Although the gas transmission system is still in need of extensive repair and the capacity of natural gas supply to BC consumers is significantly reduced, Fortis has authorized UVic to switch back to using natural gas.

As such, we have switched back to natural gas on our district heating system boiler plant. However, due to requests from Fortis to reduce consumption as much as possible to avoid any further mandatory curtailments, UVic Facilities will keep the temperature adjustments in place since the start of this incident.

Therefore it is advised to continue to bring an extra sweater to work as the building temperature may be a little cooler than normal while repairs are being undertaken.

Facilities Management will provide updates to the campus community as we receive them.

Time frame:        Unknown at this time

Facilities Management contact:  Gary Bridgens, Director, Maintenance and Operations

Email address:    bridgens@uvic.ca    

Phone:                 250-721-6553

View/Download the Facilities Management Notice - Fortis Gas Line Service Advisory