2016/17 Year End Procedures - Furniture Purchases

In view of the 2016/2017 fiscal year-end (March 31, 2017), Interior Modification Services would like to remind everyone of the requirements surrounding furniture consultations, planning and purchasing.

University standard furniture orders must be placed through FMGT Interior Modification Services. Furniture goods and/or services rendered or received on or prior to March 31st will be processed in the current fiscal year.

Lead times for furniture vary from 8-12 weeks from the order date, depending on the type of product and manufacture location. Therefore the last day to submit requests for new furniture will be November 30th 2016, this will allow time for client consultation, planning and order placement. We are experiencing heavy workloads currently therefore, we ask that you take action now to ensure that you receive the goods and services that are required this fiscal.

Where furniture goods and/or services are required prior to fiscal year-end, please submit a FMIS request prior to November 30th, clearly stating “2016-2017 PURCHASE” on your request, and we will prioritize accordingly. Initial planning meetings with an IPL Coordinator will occur this December.

Access to FMIS Service Requests is through the Facilities Management website.

We appreciate your cooperation and thank you in advance in preparing for year end.

Interior Modification Services
Facilities Management

Download Facilities Management Memo - 2016/17 Year End Procedures - Furniture Purchases