Holiday Campus Energy Savings

Facilities Management is once again appealing to the campus to help us reduce wasted energy during the Campus Festive break.

We will be scheduling our buildings to run in “unoccupied” mode which will set the daytime occupied temperature to the evening set back temperatures of 16 deg.  If any of our staff, students or faculty are intending to come into work over the campus closure please remember to bring a sweater with as you will find the buildings to be cooler. We have consulted with special groups to ensure there is no harm to their program activities or research from this action and made adjustments as required.

We encourage all members of the campus community to turn off lights, coffee machines, computers, copiers etc. and to make sure windows are closed during this time to help save energy.

We appreciate your support in helping us save an estimated 43 tonnes of GHG emissions and significant electrical resources and fuels during this period.

Happy Holidays from your Facilities Management Team!

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