Sexualized violence

Sexualized violence support at UVic.

Sexualized violence is unacceptable. Everyone at UVic has the right to live, learn, work and play in an environment free from sexualized violence. We all share in the responsibility of creating that safe and inclusive environment. This means ensuring that respect and consent inform all our relationships on campus, including with friends, peers, colleagues, team members, and service providers.

If you need emergency help please call 9-1-1 or view these support options.

If you have questions or need advice in relation to the sexualized violence prevention and response policy (GV0245) or if you wish to make a disclosure and/or report, please call the sexualized violence resource office: 250-721-8021 or email Leah Shumka at

Sexualized Violence website

Visit UVic’s sexualized violence website to learn more: