Policy review

Equity and Human Rights is leading the review of the University of Victoria’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy. This policy is essential to UVic’s ongoing commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable campus community. 

This review is an opportunity to set new standards for and renew our commitments to preventing and responding to Discrimination and Harassment.  

DH Review

As part of the policy review process, from mid-September to mid-October students, staff, faculty, and broader community members are invited to participate by: 

Note: If you are interested in learning more about options for reporting discrimination and harassment, please contact Sam Lall at . Additional support options are found on our get support page.


About the Policy

Revising the Discrimination and Harassment Policy will instill and cultivate institutional, collective and individual responsibility to create an environment and culture free from discrimination and harassment. In addition to defining various forms of prohibited behaviours at UVic, the review of the Discrimination and Harassment Policy plans to clarify the responsibilities of various UVic groups in preventing and responding to discrimination and harassment.  

The revised Policy and its related procedures will outline how someone can bring forward reports or concerns of discrimination or harassment, what support someone who has experienced harm can expect to receive and various options for addressing harm.  

The Policy applies to and supports all members of the University community, including but not limited to: 

  • students (including credit and non-credit students, distance students and continuing studies students); 
  • faculty, librarians and staff members; 
  • post-doctoral fellows and visiting researchers; 
  • university leaders (including the members of Board of Governors and Senate).



Phase 1: Explore key policy-related topics (January - June 2023)

Phase 2: Gather community input (September - October 2023) 

Phase 3: Feedback on draft policy (January 2024)

Phase 4: Board approvals and report to community (May 2024)


Phase 1: Explore key policy-related topics

January - June 2023 (Completed)

In January 2023, the Learning and Advisory Committee (LAC) was established to engage members of the University Community in the initial policy draft and consultation design. The LAC was made up of students, staff, faculty, and senior administrators from across campus. This groups role was to support policy review by engaging in deep learning and thoughtful discussion on key topic areas and by designing community engagement including consultation questions for the broader University community.  


Phase 2: Gather community input

September - October 2023

During this phase, your feedback is vital to inform key policy sections and help ensure the revised policy supports all UVic community members.

We are gathering input from the university community focusing on the following topics: 

  • principles that will guide the interpretation of the policy; 
  • definitions of prohibited behaviours; 
  • commitments to prevention and education; 
  • accountability 

You’re invited to participate in the review through the following options:  


Filling out the online survey is a great way to provide feedback anonymously. The survey will be open from September 15 to October 15.

Conversation Cafés

We invite you to bring together a group of friends, coworkers or classmates to discuss key topics related to the Discrimination and Harassment Policy. Then submit your discussion notes/summary to  by October 15. Learn how to host your own discussion.

Open House

Attend an on campus open house where you’ll be able to ask questions about the policy and contribute your answers to key questions. 

  • October 4 from 12 - 3 P.M. at Petch Fountain (outside the McPherson Library)
  • October 12 from  12 -3 P.M. at Jamie Cassels Centre Lobby

Direct feedback

You can also email directly. The email is monitored by the EQHR Executive Director. All submissions will be anonymized and kept confidential.


Phase 3: Feedback on draft policy 

January 2024  

After revising the Discrimination and Harassment Policy based on community consultation. The University community will be invited to review the updated draft and provide feedback.  


Phase 4: Board approvals and report to community 

May 2024  

After final revisions, we anticipate the revised Policy and Procedures will go to the Board of Governors for approval in May 2024. After the approval process is complete, EQHR will report to the community and the updated policy will take effect.