TIME Magazine recognizes project led by UVic Engineering alum

A man standing in front of a kitchen sink opens the Sepura system beneath it
The Sepura system, which fits under a kitchen sink, is easy to empty once its LED lights indicate the bin is full.

2020 November – An innovative, eco-friendly food disposal system, which was developed by a Victoria company with strong ties to UVic Engineering,has been recognized as one of TIME Magazine’s 100 Best Inventions of 2020.

The Sepura system is a product of Anvy Technologies, led by founder and CEO Victor Nicolov, who graduated from UVic Mechanical Engineering in 2017. Until COVID restrictions went into effect, Nicolov ran his company from an office on campus. Now the company’s team members work remotely from Victoria and Vancouver.

Nivolov stands behind a kitchen sink that is part of a display at a trade show. Below the sink the Sepura system is installed
Victor Nicolov attends CES 2020, the world’s biggest and most influential tech show, in Las Vegas in January 2020, where he demonstrates the Sepura system.

The unique Sepura turns a kitchen sink into a composting system. Instead of grinding up kitchen scraps and sending them down the drain like a garburator or having to scrape waste into a compost bucket by hand, the Sepura separates solids and liquids, collecting the solids in an odorless sealed bin located under the sink. LED lights indicate when the bin is full, at which point the contents can be easily removed and emptied for composting or collection.

“As a start-up, it’s crucial to be able to share your idea and message with as many people as possible as you work to grow your business,” said Nicolov. “The feature in TIME magazine represents a lot of work by the whole team to get Sepura to a point where such an influential publication recognizes it.”

About two years ago, Nicolov and his team started working on Sepura as an alternative to throwing food scraps in the trash or down the drain. Anvy Technologies has priced Sepura at $580 USD to compete with garburators. The company is currently offering a pre-order discounted rate of $380 USD until shipping begins in the first quarter of 2021.

Nicolov says his UVic education has been important in making the project possible.

“My MECH degree and experience comes in handy every day with Sepura,” he says. “Along with a team of engineers that I built, I conceptualized, designed and created Sepura from the ground up, leaning heavily on my mechanical engineering background.”

Read the article in TIME Magazine and go to Anvy Technologies’ website to learn more about Sepura.

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