Faculty celebrates Vikes Honour Roll student-athletes

Individual photos of the 16 student-athletes wearing their Vikes jerseys and jackets appear in three rows on an orange background.
The 16 UVic Engineering and Computer Science Vikes Honour Roll student-athletes, shown in the same order as listed below, from left to right in each row.

2020 November – Sixteen students from UVic Engineering and Computer Science were named to the Vikes Honour Roll after achieving a 6.6 GPA or higher while being athletes in 2019-20.

They were among 101 UVic student-athletes honoured at a recent Zoom event, where deans read aloud the honour roll recipients from each of their faculties.

Recipients of the annual honour roll are student-athletes who achieve a minimum of a 6.6 GPA (80 per cent), while at the same time training and competing at the highest level of sport.

The 16 from our faculty, in alphabetical order, are:

  • Xavier Araujo – Men’s Soccer; Biomedical Engineering; graduated Nov 2020
  • Juliana Bartemucci – Women’s Swimming; third-year Mechanical Engineering
  • Nathaniel Dring – Men’s Rugby; Computer Science; graduated June 2020
  • Nicole Gamm – Women’s Rugby; second-year Civil Engineering
  • Alice Gentleman – Women’s Swimming; second-year Civil Engineering
  • Zoe Goodwin-Sutton – Women’s Rugby; third-year Software Engineering
  • Maggie Hemphill – Women’s Rowing; second-year Mechanical Engineering
  • Thomas Heuser – Men’s Rugby; fourth-year Civil Engineering
  • Anton Kuipers – Men’s Cross Country and Track; second-year Civil Engineering
  • Eryn Libert-Scott – Women’s Soccer; third-year Biomedical Engineering
  • Luc Brix Monteiro – Men’s Soccer; third-year Civil Engineering
  • Darian Morrison – Men’s Rugby; third-year Software Engineering
  • Jason Scully – Men’s Basketball; fourth-year Mechanical Engineering
  • Evan Stefanek – Men’s Soccer; Mechanical Engineering; graduated June 2020 (currently enrolled in the Master’s program)
  • Brandon Vail – Men’s Cross Country and Track; third-year Civil Engineering
  • Josh Zakala – Men’s Swimming; fourth-year Civil Engineering

Thanks to the generous support of the University of Victoria, the 2019-20 recipients received financial support for their accomplishments.

Read a story on the Vikes website about all 101 students named to the latest honour roll.

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