Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day 2020

Krajnc stands in a lab, wearing a lab coat and protective glasses. She holds a small steel column in front of her.
In UVic’s structure lab, Krajnc holds a steel specimen column that has been tested for strength on the Monotonic test frame machine behind her, which is capable of generating 200 metric tons of weight. (Photo: Armando Tura, taken before COVID-19 restrictions.)

2020 June – On June 23, our faculty celebrated International Women in Engineering Day. We’re grateful to the women students, faculty and alumni from our faculty and to women in engineering across the country and around the world for the intelligence, passion and perspective they contribute to the field.

To celebrate this special day, we’ve profiled Kirsten Krajnc, a third-year Civil Engineering student who loves how engineering focuses on problem-solving – especially as it relates to environmental sustainability.

Read the profile, which explores Krajnc’s decision to go into engineering, her hands-on co-op positions, her life on and off campus and how she hopes to make an impact after she graduates

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