Materials scientist and ECE faculty member named Canada Research Chair

Saidaminov stands in a lab wearing protective goggles and a lab coat, with large test tubes in the foreground.
Makhsud Saidaminov in the lab.

2020 December – Materials scientist Makhsud Saidaminov has been named a Canada Research Chair in Advanced Functional Materials. Saidaminov is uniting chemistry and physics to address urgent global challenges, from the limitations of renewable energy sources to the precision of X-ray imaging.

Saidaminov is cross-appointed to both UVic Electrical and Computer Engineering and UVic Chemistry. His research uses novel chemistry and engineering techniques, including the development of artificial intelligence to discover new materials for solar energy technologies that do not rely on toxic heavy metals.

A central focus of the Saidaminov Lab at UVic is the development of a third generation of solar energy technologies that are cheaper and safer to produce and more efficient at energy harvesting.

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