Faculty welcomes almost 400 new Engineering and Computer Science students to campus

2019 September — First-year Engineering and Computer Science students received an encouraging welcome and some words of advice during their first day on campus.

New students started the day at UVic’s Quad, meeting their peers and participating in ice-breakers, then walked to the Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities (CARSA) for a campus-wide undergraduate welcome event.

After a barbeque lunch, about 270 Engineering students and 104 from Computer Science gathered in two lecture halls in the Engineering/Computer Science building, where they were welcomed by Acting Dean Peter Wild and other faculty members.

Dr. Jackson on stage before tiered lecture theatre of new students
Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs LillAnne Jackson
engages students in a guessing game about her hometown
to introduce the topic of the rich diversity they’ll experience at UVic.

“My colleagues and I are super delighted that you've chosen UVic,” said Wild.

“We’re committed to your success over the next four to five years,” he told students. “We’re here to get you through. That’s our job.”

Both Wild and other presenters strongly encouraged students to take advantage of the numerous resources on campus and in the faculty. These include making use of instructors’ office hours, getting math assistance, and reaching out for help if their courses or lives get too challenging.

Austin Sawyer, a fourth-year Biomedical Engineering student and Schulich Leader Scholarship Winner, told newcomers about the importance of planning, prioritizing and being able to forecast which weeks will be busiest during the term.

“Sometimes you’re going to have to put fun on the back burner,” Sawyer advised, adding that students should still make time for breaks and exercises.

Sawyer concluded by telling students they made an excellent decision in choosing UVic, where they’ll get all the tools they need for a great career.

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