Join a club to energize your campus experience!

2019 September — You don’t have to be an Engineering student to get involved in the amazing work of the faculty’s numerous clubs.

This Wednesday, Oct. 2, students from across campus are invited to Engineering Clubs Day, where they can see demonstrations of club activities, ask questions of members, and enjoy a free barbeque.

Submarine Racing Club members in scuba gear underwater in pool with their sub
The Submarine Racing Club is one of many possible groups to consider joining.

Some of our clubs in attendance will include: Rocketry; Submarine Racing; Biomedical Design; Formula Motorsport; Formula Hybrid; Robotics; Concrete Canoe; Aero (unmanned aerial Systems); AUVic (autonomous submersible robots); and Women in Engineering and Computer Science.

“We want to encourage students from other faculties to join our clubs,” said Tristan Haycock, club coordinator for the Engineering Students’ Society.

“For example, it would be great to get students from the School of Business involved. Their ability to view activities from a business and marketing perspective is something engineering students don’t have as much experience with.”

There are many benefits to being part of a club, including enabling participants to:

  • use their skills to reach out and help people;
  • add more practical design experience to their degree;
  • take their designs to international competitions; and
  • meet people, collaborate, and take a break from studying.

“Being part of one of the clubs also really looks great on your resume,” said Haycock. “It shows you’re passionate about something and willing to dedicate extra-curricular time to it.”

Engineering Clubs Day takes place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., on Wednesday, in the lobby of the Engineering Lab Wing.

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