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English Conversation Cafe/ACCESS

Academic Critical Conversation in English Seminar Series for Students with English as anAdditional Language

Peer-review for teaching enhancement (Teaching Documentation and Recognition Series)

Are you considering inviting one of your peers to observe your teaching but are uncertain as to what is involved in the peer-review process? And you may be wondering what the specificobjectives are of the peer-review process. In this session, you will be introduced to the five stages of the process: planning, the pre-observation meeting, conducting the teaching observation, thepost-observation meeting, and submission of a written report. We will discuss what the expectations are throughout the process, both for the instructor and the peer reviewer. Further, you will engagein discussion about the purpose and objectives of peer review, such as how it can enhance teaching, encourage reflection, and, most importantly, improve student learning. Please register here.

Catholic Mass & Devotion

For Catholics the celebration of the Mass is the continuation of the Jesus' loving offer of himself and considered the source and summit of our faith.
Catholic Mass - Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
Catholic Devotion - Monday

Noon Meditation - Staff, Faculty & Students

We start with a basic meditation instruction at 12:15pm followed by a 20 minute breathmeditation at 12:25pm. We are done by 12:50pm.

Pet Cafe

Missing your pet? Stressed about school? Come to the Interfaith Chapel to love-up someanimals. Enjoy free tea, coffee, and cookies while connecting with cuddly creatures. This is a drop-in program and anyone is welcome to attend.

LOL: Laughter Meditation

Come and laugh as softly or as loudly, for as long or as short a time as you like. Come laugh for no reason at all. Join in and notice how this unreasonable laughter spills over into your lifeduring the rest of the week.

Wine Before Supper: Ecumenical Communion Service