Cadence University Program Member

At the University of Victoria we use Cadence EDA software tools (such as Virtuoso, Assura, Encounter, etc.) to design and simulate analog and digital circuits. In order to run Cadence software, you are required to have a UNIX account with our department. We support CentOS and ScientificLinux. Project space should be used for simulations (not source code) due to the space requirements. Please ensure that you are aware of the important differences between home directory space and project space, which are described here. 

Your supervisor must also be authorized to use EDA software tools. If you wish to use Cadence please contact the following persons for more information:

Position/name Contact
Associate Professor
Mihai Sima
Office: EOW 313

Programmer Analyst
Kevin Jones
Office: ELW A206


Programmer Analyst
Michael Elkink

Office: ELW A204

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