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The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) was established on July 1 1983 as part of the Faculty of Engineering which was also founded at the same time. There are distinct advantages to the relative newness of the Faculty: experienced academics have been recruited from around the world, laboratory facilities contain some of the latest and most sophisticated equipment available and the curriculum has been developed to take the lead in 21st century technologies.

What's the difference between your programs?

Here are some areas that electrical and computer engineers work in:

  • A computer engineer is similar to an electrical engineer, but focuses extensively on computer applications, such as: electronics, computer hardware design, microprocessors, software and operating systems design, embedded systems and microcontrollers, mechatronics.
  • An electrical engineer is involved in the design and study of various electrical and electronic systems, such as: electricity and electric circuits, electromagnetism, electronic devices, control systems, signal processing, computer design, telecommunications, sensor design, biological-signals, and biomedical imaging, mechatronics.