Iranian Student Bulletins


Four bulletins to support the mental health of Iranian students. 

Over the past year, Iran has experienced significant social and political transformations, evoking a mix of emotions within us from hopeful anticipation to more complex feelings. Many of us saw these changes as heralds of a brighter future, eagerly awaiting positive news from our beloved country. However, this optimism was short-lived. The events of the past year have left us grappling with emotions of sadness, overwhelm, and even anger. For some, especially those contending with immigration challenges, the impact has been even more profound. That's why we've put together this handout to support Iranian students and to boost the mental health within our community.

The authors of this handout are Iranian students like you; our goal in creating these bulletins is to provide you with messages of support because we know that sometimes all students feel overwhelmed with the pressure of school, but even more so when world events from our home countries increase our anxiety.

In this series of handouts, we aim to provide support and guidance. We begin by delving into the history of social movements that have catalyzed positive changes in societies around the world. By examining examples and learning from them, we aim to reignite hope and counter pessimistic thoughts about the future. This section is designed to remind students that transformative social change is a long process that requires boosting social knowledge, awareness and demand over time.

Moving forward, we explore practical psychological techniques to alleviate stress and anxiety. From mindfulness exercises to managing obsessive thinking and cultivating positive self-talk, this segment equips students with tools they can readily incorporate into their daily lives. Our goal is to empower students with effective strategies that promote mental well-being and help them navigate the challenges they may face.

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