Alumni stories

Rupee and Corol Pallan holding an old photo of them at a UVic dance

Rupee and Corol Pallan were Education students in the 60's when they met in the library. Rupee became school principal and Corol taught elementary for 23 years.

Amanda Patterson outside

After graduating from our BEd in Elementary Teaching program in Cranbrook, alumna Amanda Patterson realized her dream to become a primary school teacher in her home town of Kimberley, BC. Photo credit: Zoe Ferguson, Learn Magazine

Mike Irvine

Mike Irvine will show the Pacific Northwest like never before with experts studying our incredible natural world. From orcas to the salmon run and visiting bears in the forest.


Helping girls and women get physical

Congratulations to Jennifer Fenton (BA’ 87 in Leisure Studies Administration, EPHE) on winning the ProMOTION Plus In Her Footsteps 2018 award in recognition for her extraordinary contribution to providing opportunities for girls and women in physical activity and sport in BC. Read more


Mike Irvine

Mike Irvine is living it

Mike Irvine is taking the live cameras from underwater to get on land as well with his new project Living It. “It’s an initiative for nature literacy. Starting with grades 5-9, we’re going to connect kids from all across Canada with experts in real time," says Irvine. Read more


Nicole Wutke

Nicole Wutke from Japan to Nunavut

A year and a half after Nicole Wutke graduated with a Bachelor in Elementary Education, she was teaching in Japan through the Japan Exchange and Teaching program (JET), working at three different schools as a teaching assistant. The cultural differences became very evident and it was a huge learning experience for her both personally and professionally. So many things she saw there she wanted to bring back to Canada. Read more


Greg Lagacé

Gregory Lagacé Transforms with Sport

Gregory Lagacé always believed in the transformative power of sport. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Leisure and Sports Administration at the Faculty of Education and began his career with the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC). In 2006, Lagacé started Soldier On, a program designed to help both veterans and active members of the Canadian Armed Forces with physical or mental illnesses in their recovery through sport. Read more


Corol and Rupee Pallan photo of now and then

It Started in the McPherson Library

Rupee and Corol Pallan were both students at the Faculty of Education when they met in the McPherson Library in the 1960s. They both had rewarding careers in the public-school system. Rupee became school principal and Corol taught elementary for 23 yearsRead more

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