Dr. Michelle Wiebe

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Dr. Michelle Wiebe

Assistant Professor, Art Education

EdD (Educational Leadership), University of Montana

MEd (Curriculum & Instruction: Art Education), University of Calgary

BEd (Secondary Art), University of Calgary

BFA (Visual Arts), University of Calgary

Office:  MacLaurin A198

Phone:  250-721-7894


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Faces of UVic Research:  Michelle Wiebe

Dr. Michelle Wiebe

  • Design education

  • Teacher leadership in the arts

  • Assessment in the arts

  • Creativity development

  • Typography and meaning

I am interested in the intersection between art making and art learning. Thus, I maintain my practice as an artist and work with students to help them develop their skills as both artists and educators. I have also worked as a Design educator and am interested in broadening the understanding of design amongst future educators. The nature of creativity and how to nurture it is so tied to understandings of what makes good design that it is also an area of research interest.

I am currently working on the impact of assessment on creativity development.  I am also embarking on research into the impact that type has on meaning making.

Current Graduate Students:

Po Lin (Edward) Chung, PhD Curriculum

Christie Diamond, PhD Curriculum

Jing (Jenny) Mao, PhD Curriculum

Shruti Tandon, PhD Curriculum

Samantha Wood, PhD Curriculum

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Wiebe, M. (2011) Students as Designers: A Rationale for Design Education.

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I am available to speak on the following topics through the UVic Speakers Bureau:

  • Designing Effective Posters
  • Designing Personal Logos
  • How to Develop Your Creativity

If you are interested to have me speak on any of these topics, please visit the UVic Speakers Bureau to make a booking.