Dr. Mike Emme

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Dr. Mike Emme

Associate Professor, Art Education

EdD (Curriculum & Instruction, Art Education), University of British Columbia

MA (Art Education), University of British Columbia

Dip. Ed (Secondary Education, English & Social Studies), University of Victoria

BA (English Major, History General), University of Victoria

Office:  MacLaurin A196

Phone:  250-721-7896

Email:  memme@uvic.ca

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Faces of UVic Research:  Mike Emme

Dr. Michael Emme

  • Art Education
  • Collaboration
  • Empathy
  • Phenomenology
  • Relational Aesthetics
  • Dialogical Aesthetics
  • Art and Play
  • Art and Mental Health
  • Art
  • Education and Technology
  • Rigor and Validity in Arts-based Research
  • Empathy and technology

  • Play as method in research with children

  • Visual and Arts-Based research methodologies in the social sciences and education

  • Sequential art as a bridge in multiliterate communities

  • Sequential Art and polymedia literacy

  • ‘Enthusiasm’ and the space between art specialist and elementary generalist

  • Photography, Fotonovela and collaborative visual research with children

  • Visuality in texts and contexts in the classroom

  • Photography and identity exploration

  • Expression and technical process in Photography, printmaking and computer graphics

  • Collaborative self-portraiture

  • The function of Arts-based Research and photographic art as ‘minor literatures’

A book in development:

‘Good Question: Creative Research Collaborations with Kids’.   The goal is to produce a highly visual book that draws from kid-driven research as a way of removing some of the veils from the research process in a form that kids would find interesting in aid power balance in collaborations.  In my dreams, the book would simultaneously be in the hands of kids in schools and drop-in centers as well as in university research methods classes.

Collaborations with the Pandora Arts Collective offering facilitated open art studio experience to support creative, self-directed community and mental health.  Various community grants have been received to support this.

My Graduate students and their research areas:

Scott Marsden - Democratising the Art Museum, Museum Education & Dialogical Aesthetics

Natalia Delgado - Collaborative Design and Social activism, Design Education & Action Research

Sally Adnams - Mindfullness, Transformative Pedagogy and Art, Arts-based methods

Andrea Avila - Experiencing Allyhood: The complicated and conflicted journey of a Spiritual – Mestiza - Ally to the land of colonization/decolonization

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