Faculty celebrates global impact and reach of its alumni

A screenshot shows 25 people taking part in a Zoom call.
Lin Cai, shown top left of the Zoom call screenshot, organized and hosted “UVic Seeds of Change and Hope” event.

2021 November – As part of UVic Global Days, 15 distinguished alumni shared how the work they have done since they graduated from UVic is contributing to the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Called “UVic Seeds of Change and Hope,” the event was part of the first-ever UVic Global Days, a week that highlights the university’s international reach, capabilities and impact with a series of events that celebrate globally oriented visions for the future of the planet.

In advance of the Nov. 17 event, Lin Cai, a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, collected brief videos created by each of the 15 alumni, who earned their degrees in engineering, computer science or mathematics.

In the videos, many of the alumni spoke about the importance of their time at UVic in helping them carve out their career paths and find meaningful ways to contribute. Speakers at the event, which was attended by about 40 people, included those from across Canada, the United States and China.

“Each of the alumni can be viewed as a seed from UVic, who brings change and hope somewhere after graduation,” Cai said, explaining the event’s name.

“They shared their international experiences and showcased how they applied the technologies and skills learned from UVic in addressing the humanity’s fundamental problems, listed in the 17 UN sustainable development goals,” she said.

Alumni who contributed the videos included tech leaders, business owners, architects, engineers and educators who graduated from UVic at various points over the past 20 years: Brandon Wright, Catherine Roome, Danny Song, Emad Shihab, Fei Tong, Huiping Li, Ji Huang, Jianping He, Kan Zhou, Le Chang, Liang (Leon) He, Mingxi Liu, Ruonan Zhang, Simon Guo, Xia Deng.

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