Congratulations to Outstanding Graduate and Undergraduate Students!

Aazim Lakhani, MSc INDU candidate (supervised by Dr. Daniel German); Maryam Honari Jahromi, MSc candidate (supervised by Dr. Alona Fyshe); Benjamin Benetti, an undergraduate student in computer science; and Sophia Chan and undergraduate student in linguistics who placed 2nd at the NLI (Native Language Identification) Challenge!

Nora Huang, MSc candidate (supervised by Dr. Daniel German); Priya Angara, MSc candidate (co-supervised by Drs. Stege/Müller); Dian Popova, PhD candidate (supervised by Dr. Alex Thomo); Bingshan Hu, PhD candidate (supervised by Dr. Jianping Pan); Fei Chen, a recently graduate MSc student (supervised by Dr. Ulrike Stege) and Maria Ferman Guerra, MSc candidate (supervised by Dr. Margaret -Anne Storey) who all attended the CRA-W 2017 Grad Cohort Workshop in Washington, DC.