Careers & co-op

Coop & careers
(left to right) BME student Michael Pierone, Dr. N. Dechev, BME designer Josh Coutts.

Co-operative education (co-op

At UVic, learning extends beyond the classroom. Through co-operative education (co-op), you can alternate terms in class with paid work terms in positions related to your field of study. You'll graduate with work experience, a great resume, contacts in your field and some extra cash in your pocket. Co-op graduates are more likely to find relevant, permanent work with higher salaries.

Careers in biomedical engineering

Biomedical engineers work in hospitals, education and medical institutions, industrial and government research facilities, and manufacturing. Using their background in engineering, biology and biomechanical principles BME graduates will design, develop and evaluate biological and health systems in medical facilities or research laboratories. This translates into careers working with artificial organs, prostheses, instrumentation, medical information systems and healthcare management. BME’s typically analyze problems within the medical environment and co-ordinate with other professionals to design solutions that improve patient care quality and increase caregiver efficacy. Some BME’s also become trained in other specialized fields like an MD, thus combining an understanding of advanced technology with direct patient care or clinical research.