Registration support

Student Support is available 8:30am-4pm PST on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9:30am-4pm PST on Wednesday. Call 250-721-8121 or email .

You can also check Ask UVic for an answer. 

Registration tutorials

See more videos from the Registration tutorials playlist on YouTube.

Course restrictions

Some courses have restrictions on registration. Plan to register for courses that you are not restricted from.

Check for course restrictions by clicking on the CRN link in the 'Sections found' table. Next, click on the course title in the popup window.

Note that different offerings of the same course may have different restrictions.

If the section you requested is full

  • search for another open section that fits into your timetable, or
  • add yourself to a waitlist, if available

To search for other open sections, select "look up classes" from the registration menu. You may wish to interrupt your registration and re-work your timetable. The sections you have already registered for will be saved. When you have made alternate selections that fit your timetable, access My page to continue your registration.

Remember to use the timetable builder or the blank timetable to create a conflict-free schedule that fits your learning style.

If a section is cancelled or changed

You will be notified by email if a section has had a time or day change or is cancelled due to low enrolment or departmental staffing considerations.

Registration warning messages

If there is a problem with a course you have tried to add, a warning message will appear in My page at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to alert you that course registration cannot be completed.

If you believe this is incorrect, contact your Adviser.

What do do if you receive a warning message

Prerequisite warning

  • You'll get a prerequisite warning message when you try to register for a course and you have not yet completed the necessary prerequisite courses.
  • Review the academic calendar entry for the particular course to make sure that you indeed meet the prerequisites and minimum grade requirements
  • Contact Admissions in the Office of the Registrar if you are getting a prerequisite warning and:
    • You are a transfer student
    • Met the prerequisite in high school
    • If it is your first term at UVic
    • You have less than 12 units of courses completed at UVic. 
  • Contact your Records Clerk in the Office of the Registrar if you have over 12 units of courses completed/graded at UVic .
  • You may also contact the department offering the course to ask for a prerequisite override. Please note that you may be asked to show proof of prerequisite or be redirected to the Admissions or Records Office.

Level restriction

  • You'll get a level restriction message when you try to register for a course for which you do not meet the qualifications.
  • Some courses are reserved for students who are in specific programs (i.e. Law), or in a particular year level (i.e. third-year standing).
  • Please contact the department offering the course to check if there are any alternative courses, or if you can be added as an exception.
  • If you believe that a mistake has occurred and that you are in the wrong program or academic year level, please contact your Records Clerk in the Office of the Registrar.

Time conflict

You'll get a time conflict message when you try to add more than one class that occupies the same block of time in your schedule. Time conflicts will be identified with the CRN of the conflicting course.

Permission required

Some courses, such as Honours Thesis courses, require the permission of your professor or the department prior to registration. If you receive this message but need to register for the course, contact the department offering the course.

Registration support

Student Support Services is open 8:30 am - 4 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9:30 am - 4 pm on Wednesday. 

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