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GPA Calculations

Your GPA is an average of points achieved based on your performance in your courses. It can be calculated for:

  • One session,
  • Your whole degree,
  • For graduation.

Each GPA calculation is used for different decisions as outlined here.

Grade viewing

Some processing time should be expected between the exam grade submission deadline and the point at which the grade will appear on your academic record.

Grade submission deadlines:

  • For courses that do not have a final exam, 7 calendar days after the end of classes.
  • For courses that have a final exam, 7 calendar days after the exam is written.
  • Where there is no final exam and the due date for the last assignment is after the last day of classes, grades should be submitted 7 days after the assignment due date.

If you are concerned that your grade has not appeared within the above-noted time frame, you should contact your instructor directly.

Requesting a grade review

After discussing an assigned grade with your instructor, if you still believe you should be awarded a higher grade, you may request that the grade undergo a formal grade review as an attempt to achieve a higher grade in the course.

To request a formal grade review, you will need to fill out a grade review request form. There is a $25.00 per course charge for a formal review as all course work may be reviewed by a separate panel. If the grade goes up, you will have your money returned.

Percentage and comparative grading

Since summer session 2014, instructors submit grades in percentages rather than letter grades. 

The percentage grade, the corresponding letter grade and comparative grading information is displayed on official and administrative transcripts.

  • Read the FAQ and look at a sample transcript
  • Grade point average (GPA) calculations and assessment of academic standing are based on the 9-point scale as outlined by the Office of the Registrar.
  • Comparative grading information appears on the transcript for classes graded with percentage grades that have 6 or more registered students
  • Courses not graded with percentage grades do not show comparative grading information for the section
  • Law courses do not display comparative grading information
Background information is available from the Office of the Vice President Academic and Provost.