Student stories

Commerce and social science students put their efforts into enriching the city

Mollie Green and Jodi Bot

Downtown Victoria Business Association

Peek into the offices of The Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA) and you’ll feel the palpable energy. As a non-profit organization whose mandate is to support businesses in downtown Victoria, there’s always something going on. 

For the past two years, DVBA has been welcoming University of Victoria co-operative education (co-op) students to the team. UVic’s Co-op Program connects students’ cutting-edge skills and knowledge to the real world, helping them gain hands-on experience that prepares them for their future careers. At the DVBA, students contribute to marketing operations including social media, event and festival planning, writing, blogging and interacting with business owners.

DVBA Marketing Manager Anne-Sophie Dumetz is a big advocate of the program. “It’s wonderful to work with co-op students who are interested in applying their studies and learning new things,” she says.  “I was a co-op student and this is also my way of paying it forward.” 

DVBA currently has two co-op students; Mollie Green is a commerce major working as a junior content marketer, while social sciences student Jodi Bot is making a splash as a culture and events assistant.

“I’m currently working on social media, facilitating the end-of-summer Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival, and maintaining events operations,” says Bot. “It’s been very valuable to see all of the behind-the-scenes work of Victoria businesses.”

When asked about her advice for employers consider hiring students? “Go for it! Try it,” Dumetz says. “Give your students the best opportunities and you’ll reap the rewards—students’ strengths, dynamic energy and professionalism.”


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