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Bravo Zulu to professional communication student Katelyn Moores

Katelyn Moores

Maritime Forces Pacific Public Affairs

It may only be her first work term, but professional communication student Katelyn Moores has started her co-op experience off with a bang. Katelyn received a special congratulation for her writing work with the Maritime Forces Pacific Public Affairs branch (Department of National Defence).

As a communications writer, Katelyn’s average day involves researching and drafting internal and external communications—but earlier this year, she was given a unique assignment: writing an article about a new training program, the Enhanced Naval Boarding Party, which saw its first graduating class ten months after the initial order was given. “The whole organization was very proud of this accomplishment,” Katelyn says, “and this article was how this achievement was going to be announced to Canadian Armed Forces members and the Canadian public.”

After the article was published online and within the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), Katelyn’s supervisor told her that senior leadership in the RCN had praised the piece. However, she didn’t know just how impressed they were until she arrived at a meeting to find the Deputy Commander of the RCN, Rear-Admiral Ron Lloyd—the second in command of the RCN—waiting to congratulate her. He presented Katelyn with his personal coin signifying a Bravo Zulu, a naval term for a job very well done.

“I was very surprised and went ten shades of red,” says Katelyn, “but the Deputy Commander was really friendly and told me how happy he was with the article. I know he has an extremely busy schedule and it was really nice that he took the time to personally recognize me.”

Katelyn feels that her professional communication courses significantly helped her prepare for this first co-op position. “The background knowledge from those classes gave me a great platform to start from,” she says. “The professional communication courses provide you with an excellent understanding of different communications products, and it was just a matter of adjusting my writing to fit the style of the DND organization and their audience.”

Katelyn strongly recommends co-op and the professional communication program for students looking to get started on a professional writing career. Though majoring in biology, Katelyn knows that the experience from her minor and her current work term will help her in her career, wherever the future may take her. “I would seriously encourage all UVic students to take at least one work term during their undergrad,” she says. “The work experience and references you gain are so valuable, and will be well worth the effort of securing a co-op position.”

Read Katelyn’s article about the Enhanced Naval Boarding Party on the Royal Canadian Navy website.

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