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RHED student contributes to local community with position at Salvation Army

Will Russell

Salvation Army Victoria Citadel

By Will Russell

During the spring of 2015 I completed my second work term as a facilities supervisor intern for the Salvation Army Victoria Citadel. The Salvation Army was founded in London, England in 1865 and began its work in Canada in 1882 … The church facility where I worked was built in 1998 with the goal of being able to facilitate the community along with being a place of worship. The facility contains a gymnasium, kitchen, sanctuary and three rooms varying in size which can all be rented for the use of the renter’s choice. The Victoria Citadel Facilities Department is a practical ministry that strives to maintain the Victoria Citadel, its contents and its property in the best physical condition possible … [It] provides the facility, church members and facility renters with the utmost respect, full attention, care and appropriate help.

My position at the Victoria Citadel was facility supervisor intern. The departments at the Victoria Citadel include facility, finance and pastoral. Clearly, my job dealt with the facility department but I also regularly worked in cooperation with the finance department and sometimes quite closely with the church pastors if it was regarding church activities. My responsibilities, projects and activities tied into being a resource for community groups and individuals who require rental space for their specific events. What I did for the Salvation Army Victoria Citadel included working on helping to implement a Wi-Fi system in the facility, scheduling and coordinating church activities and community based bookings, creating monthly facility use schedules, maintaining renter files that included facility use agreements, room schematics, invoicing, correspondence and scheduling support staff for site preparation and subsequent occupancy supervision.

Throughout the work term I aimed to gain knowledge about administrative work and the responsibilities of running a facility that included rentals. This was a great opportunity for me because the Victoria Citadel ran the facility for serving the community. A great aspect of working as a facility supervisor for Victoria Citadel is that I was able to apply and relate specific concepts and skills I learned in class to the work environment. I took Computer Science 100 early in my university career, as it is a requirement for the Recreation and Health Program, and it has become particularly helpful and useful. We learned a variety of computer skills such as components of Microsoft Office. Knowing about Word and using Word more than just for writing became a great asset. I used Word for necessary facility activities and tasks such as making directional signs, invoices, facilities agreements and floor plans. Overall, I feel as if I have learned about many aspects regarding administration work and have a better understanding for the preparation, mental effort and work that is necessary.

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