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Business co-op student discovers love for event planning with the Government of Canada

Yamini Iyer

Federal Government Student Ambassador

“Seeing students appreciate what we do and benefit from our sessions is what motivates me to do more!” she says.

For Yamini Iyer, a business student whose passions are working with students, event planning and marketing, a co-op term with the Government of Canada followed by a role as a Federal Government Student Ambassador was a natural path for her time at UVic.

“I have had a chance to work with amazing people and learn so much throughout my time in this role,” says Iyer. “I’ve hosted panel events, workshops and one-on-one support sessions for students hoping to apply for jobs in the Government of Canada.”

By hosting events for up to 900 students, Yamini connected with students and other stakeholders in her role. This included guiding students through the Federal Government application process, as well as providing feedback on résumés and cover letters.

“Seeing students appreciate what we do and benefit from our sessions is what motivates me to do more!” she says. 

Iyer has seen firsthand how students appreciate the extra support when navigating the opportunities and programs available to them—many of the students she supported have found jobs as a result of the program.

Growing up on Vancouver Island, Iyer has always appreciated the beauty of the UVic campus. When planning her degree, she was drawn to the co-op program and the 2+2 BCom structure offered at the Gustavson School of Business. “Every student’s path through the program looks a little different,” she says. “For me, that path included setting the groundwork for a career with the Government of Canada.”

Before becoming a student ambassador, Yamini completed a co-op with the Department of National Defence, where she became familiar with the Federal Government. Her time with the government has paid off; after completing her BCom in 2021, Yamini was offered a full-time role working for the Canada Border Services Agency in their Strategic Workforce Management Division. 

“Being a student ambassador has made me realize that I enjoy event planning, communications and helping others,” she said. “I am excited to see what the future holds.”

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