International co-op opportunities

There are several ways to search for international co-op jobs:

Our international co-op opportunities are clustered within the five program below, representing specific regions of the world. (Positions available through these programs are posted on Learning In Motion.)

TIP: To learn more about these and any other international co-op opportunities, please contact .


CANASIA-COOP (Canada Asia Co-op) offers opportunities in Thailand, China, Japan and other parts of Asia.

China – Beihang University

If you're an engineering student, you can apply for this research co-op to work on research projects with faculty members at Beihang University. You'll receive free accommodations on campus and you'll also be eligible for the Mitacs Globalink Research Award (up to $5,000).

Japan – Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

If you're studying physics or biology, you could embark on this exciting research work term through TUMSAT to conduct physical and biological oceanography research. There is an emphasis on oceanographic data analysis (involving computing) and sometimes an opportunity to participate in an ocean-going research cruise. You'll also help with English language training as part of your work term experience.

Work terms through this exchange are offered in one or two terms per year.

Japan – Kyoto Sangyo University

If you're studying business, social sciences, humanities or fine arts, you can apply for this opportunity to work at Kyoto Sangyo University’s Co-operative Education Program, where you'll support this newly established co-op program with several initiatives. Japanese language skills are an asset and students in the Pacific and Asian Studies program are especially encouraged to apply.

Work terms take place from January to April each year.

Japan – Canada-Japan Co-op Program

The Canada-Japan Co-op Program connects Canadian engineering and science undergraduate students with Japanese businesses. This program can enhance your academic studies in Canada with valuable work experience at a Japanese company. The program is administered by the University of British Columbia (UBC), but you must be recommended by the UVic international co-op coordinator to be accepted.

To learn more, please review the program website and contact our international co-op coordinator at

Thailand – Western Digital

Depending on your academic program, you may be able to secure a co-op work term with Western Digital (Thailand).

  • If you're studying engineering or business, positions for the Fall term (September to December) are posted on Learning In Motion in April.
  • If you're studying another program, you may still apply. In your application, describe the competencies you can contribute to the organization.

This opportunity is part of the World Association for Co-operative Education’s Co-operative and Work Integrated Exchange program (WACE-CWIE) program, and includes a partnership with multiple universities in Thailand. 

Other countries in Asia

Many other work term opportunities are generated through our job development efforts and connections with Canadian Chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Search for postings on Learning In Motion or talk to our international coordinator () if you'd like to discuss these or other work abroad opportunities. 

CANCOM-COOP (Commonwealth countries)

CANCOM-COOP (Canada-Commonwealth Co-op) helps students become global-ready graduates through science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)-based work terms in Australia, New Zealand, and Africa. You could receive a $6,000 scholarship and participate in a community engagement program during and after your work term with Aga Khan University or the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS).

Scholarships are provided through Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships. The Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships program is a joint initiative of the Rideau Hall Foundation, Community Foundations of Canada and the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. It was created through unique contributions from the Government of Canada, provincial governments, the private sector and individuals worldwide.

Australia – Indigenous student exchange

If you're an Indigenous co-op student, you may be able to travel to the University of Newcastle (UON) in Australia for a fall co-op work term. In exchange, a student from UON will participate in UVic's LE,NONET program from September to January, including a community internship. 

Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania – Aga Khan University

Through this partnership, you could complete a four-month co-op work term at Aga Khan Development Network institutions in East Africa. Placements are organized through the Aga Khan University International Internship Program (AKU-IIP). Opportunities are available year-round on the AKU website.

Every year, two UVic co-op students embarking on four-month work term through AKU-IIP are eligible for funding through the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Program.

Future opportunities may also arise in India though this program. 

New Zealand – University of Waikato

If you're studying science or engineering, you could apply for a work term arranged by the University of Waikato in New Zealand. The work term could be either an industry placement or a research placement at the university. Placements will be four months or longer, with a preference for placements of eight to 12 months.

South Africa, Ghana, Cameroon and Tanzania – African Institute for Mathematical Sciences

You could be one of three UVic students to complete a four-month co-op work term within the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) network in Ghana, Cameroon or Tanzania this year.

In exchange, UVic will welcome four graduate students to complete a master's degree at UVic.

Other Commonwealth countries

  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce, UK – Many other work term opportunities are generated through our job development efforts and connections with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in the UK. These work terms are available annually and are not funded through the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Program. Remuneration for these opportunities is limited to what is offered by the employer.
  • Free the Children, Kenya – We've partnered with Free the Children to develop co-op opportunities for students in Kenya. These work terms are available annually. Remuneration is limited to what is offered by Free the Children.

Search for postings on Learning In Motion or talk to our international co-op coordinator () about these or other work abroad opportunities. 


CANEU-COOP (Canada Europe Co-op) offers opportunities in Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Austria and Germany – CANEU-COOP

Through this program, UVic and University of Waterloo co-op students can travel to the FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Austria and the Baden-Wuerttemberg Co-operative State University in Germany and complete co-op work terms at companies in these countries.

A unique feature of CANEU-COOP is the eight-month "twinning" concept. Once you’re selected to go on exchange, you'll be matched with a "twin" from a European partner institution who will be coming to Canada for an academic term at UVic. He or she will also be your twin during your co-op work term in Europe. This twinning concept allows both twins to support each other during their exchange terms abroad and fosters international friendships and connections.

These positions are posted on Learning In Motion (labelled “CANEU-CO-OP Project”) and co-op students are welcome to apply. Your application must include:

  • A résumé that includes (or is accompanied by) a passport-sized photo (email the photo separately if you encounter technical problems with uploading)
  • A cover letter explaining clearly how you qualify for the job
  • A copy of your transcript(s)

France – Université de Valenciennes

Kinesiology and engineering co-op students can complete a research-oriented work term at Université de Valenciennes in France. Students selected for this opportunity may qualify for the Mitacs Globalink Research Award – Campus France ($5,000).

Belgium - Thomas More University College

Based on the collaboration between CanAssist (Canada) and Mobilab (Belgium), UVic Engineering students are given a chance to spend a research-based work term in Belgium while students from Thomas More University College will spend a work term with CanAsssit.

Germany - Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

A hybrid exchange partnership where Augsburg students come to UVic for a term to take courses while UVic Engineering students complete their co-op work terms in January with Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH.

Netherlands - University of Amsterdam

This co-op arrangement is for Health Information Science co-op students to spend a term in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

CANSAM-COOP (South America)

CANSAM-COOP (Canada South America Co-op) offers opportunities in Brazil and Chile. 

Brazil – UNESP exchange

You can apply to take part in this exchange to complete a research-oriented co-op work term on one of the UNESP campuses in Brazil.

You application should include an expression of interest indicating your areas of research interest and the contributions you can make to the research. Applications are then matched with interested faculty members at UNESP. Applications are accepted in May every year for fall work terms.

Successful students are also eligible for the Mitacs Globalink Research Award (up to $5,000).

Chile – UDD

If you speak Spanish (minimal Spanish is acceptable), you're encouraged to apply for work term opportunities in Santiago that are organized through our partner institution, Universidad de Desorrolo (UDD). These four-month work terms will help you develop your Spanish language skills and intercultural competencies. Positions are posted on Learning In Motion as they become available.

Other opportunities in South America

Many other work term opportunities are generated through our job development efforts.

Search for postings on Learning In Motion or talk to our international co-op coordinator () about these or other work abroad opportunities. 

CANUSA-COOP (United States)

CANUSA-COOP (Canada United States Co-op) offers opportunities in the USA, especially in the Silicon Valley.

Through strategic initiatives in the Silicon Valley, UVic Co-op and Career has developed a strong network of employer relationships in the USA. Engineering opportunities with organizations like Tesla Motors, Intuitive Surgical and Zero Motorcycles are regularly posted on Learning In Motion.

Master of Public Administration students can also work with the United Nations in the USA.

TIP: You must obtain a J-1 visa before embarking on a work term in the USA.


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