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What will your day look like?

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Your achievement is centre stage.

Walk with pride.

Walk with purpose.

Getting ready in Clearihue.

The future is full of possibilities!

Top 10 quick tips for your grad day

  1. Arrive early. Parking lots fill up fast.

  2. Need extra tickets? Have your guests line up at the ticket centre at least one hour before the ceremony.

  3. Pick-up your regalia before going to the robing rooms in Clearihue C Wing.

  4. Your regalia is warm and covers most of your clothing - only your collar, legs and feet will be visible.

  5. Wear comfortable shoes, the stairs are steep in the auditorium.

  6. Leave your personal items in the Clearihue Security room or with your guests.

  7. Let family and friends know about the live webcast.

  8. Meet your guests in Mystic Market for the reception after the ceremony.

  9. Capture your day! #uvicgrad

  10. Have fun.