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Man with a moustache and colourful short sleeve shirt crouching on a shoreline amongst electronic buoys.

2024 Distinguished Alumni Awards

The Distinguished Alumni Awards celebrate the remarkable achievements of University of Victoria graduates in 1 of 3 categories:

Presidents' Alumni Awards

Presented by UVic's President and the President of the UVic Alumni Association (UVAA) to distinguished alumni, this award recognizes the outstanding lifetime accomplishments of alumni who have either:

  • earned national or international regard
  • had a significant local impact as a result of their outstanding professional achievements and/or service to society
Rob Bennett
Man smiling while wearing black jacket and T-shirt in front of wood-slatted backdrop.
  • UVic degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 1983
Susan Blanchet
Woman with blonde shoulder-length hair standing in a corridor.
  • UVic degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Environmental Studies, 1997; Law Juris Doctor, 2002
Jonny Morris
Man wearing glasses, pink blazer and polka dot shirt, standing cross armed outdoors.
  • UVic degree: Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care, 2007; Master of Arts in Child and Youth Care, 2011               
Bren Simmers
Woman with curly, shoulder length hair wearing a red scarf and red jacket, standing outside.
  • UVic degree: Bachelor of Arts in Women Studies, 2000
Danielle Stevenson
Woman in denim shirt smiling in front of foliage.
  • UVic degree: Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and History, 2010
Carrie Tennant
Woman with long straight hair, smiling and wearing a red and white striped top.
  • UVic degree: Bachelor of Music in Music Education, 1999; Teaching Certificate, 2000

Emerging Alumni Awards

These awards recognize the outstanding professional achievements and/or contributions of recent alumni (graduated within the last 10 years) to the community.

Scott Beatty
Man with a moustache and colourful short sleeve shirt crouching on a shoreline amongst electronic buoys.
  • UVic degrees: Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering, 2009; PhD in Mechanical Engineering, 2015
Dennis Gupa
Man with shaved head and colourful pants standing in front of the ocean.
  • UVic degree: Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Theatre, 2021       
Katłįà (Catherine) Lafferty
Dark haired woman standing against a tree.
  • UVic degree: Law Juris Indigenarum Doctor, 2023
Trevor MacKenzie
Man with facial stubble wearing a checkered button-up shirt and sitting on a couch.
  • UVic degrees: Bachelor of Arts in English, 2003; Teaching Certificate, 2004; Master of Education in Math, Science, Social Sciences and Education Technology, 2020       
Karen Saini
Woman with long black hair wearing a black turtleneck top.
  • UVic degrees: Bachelor of Social Work, 2015; Master of Public Administration, 2018
Jayesh Vekariya
Dark haired man with thin facial hair in dark-framed glasses smiling and wearing a checkered jacket with grey t-shirt.
  • UVic degree: Master of Business Administration, 2019     
Fiona Wong
Woman with long straight hair smiling and wearing a business jacket.
  • UVic degree: Law Juris Doctor, 2020

Indigenous Community Alumni Awards

These awards recognize the contributions of alumni to Indigenous communities, which have improved outcomes for Indigenous people and contributed to Truth and Reconciliation.

Melinda Kachina Bige
Person wearing beaded earrings standing arms crossed in front of a lake or river.
  • UVic degree: Master of Arts in Indigenous Governance, 2016
Jon Carr
Man with facial hair and wearing puffy vest smiling and standing on a beach.
  • UVic degrees: Bachelor of Science in Geography, 2010; Bachelor of Education, 2012
Jess Housty (Cúagilákv)
Person with Indigenous tattoos on their arms and beaded necklace lying in a meadow with hands behind their head.
  • UVic degree: Bachelor of Arts in English, 2009
Ivy Martin
Woman in green jacket standing on a seaside dock with a mountain in the background.
  • UVic degree: Diploma in Cultural Resource Management, 2023
Lydia Toorenburgh
Person with long blond hair, septum piercing, beaded earrings and tattoos on arms and chest.
  • UVic degree: Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, 2018; Master of Arts in Anthropology, 2023

Nominate a UVic alum

Nominations for the 2024 awards are now closed. Nominations for the 2025 Distinguished Alumni Awards are open through Oct. 18, 2024.

Past DAA recipients

UVic has been celebrating distinguished alumni for over 10 years.

Meet our past award recipients.

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