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This layout works is great for highlighting a few key people, such as high-profile researchers or faculty. It also works well if you have a small office.

Listings layout example

Robin Sutherland

Internet Strategies

I lead and provide support for the University Internet Strategies team. Our team is responsible for coordinating and facilitating effective internet communications with all of our UVic partners. My responsibilities include providing a strategic and integrated approach to university communications through major website project planning; research and support for UVic's social media channels; and coordinating and maintaining strategic relationships with communications partners across campus.

Office: SED C140
Erin King

Web Coordinator
Internet Strategies

I'm the first point of contact for faculties, departments and units that want to make major updates to their existing website or create a brand new website. I help clients resource and manage their web projects from the planning phase to launch day—and beyond too! A big part of my job includes advising and directing clients on proper use of the university’s web template and ensuring a common look and feel among university websites (including site structure, design and content strategies).

Office: SED C144
Beth Doman

Video Production and Web Design Coordinator
Internet Strategies

Based out of the Internet Strategies team, I am responsible for the university’s web interface design and associated faculty template designs. I also do some print work, in particular the layout for the Ring and other jobs to support Internal Stakeholder, Internet Strategies, and Media Relations needs. In addition, I shoot and edit video, and act as a consultant and trainer for communications officers and faculties wishing to produce their own videos.

Office: SED C145
Lindsay Gagel

News and Social Narrative Coordinator
Internet Strategies

I work on the Internet Strategies team as well as the Internal Communications team, building and maintaining websites. I help ensure a common look and feel among university websites and act as the gatekeeper to the main UVic website. My portfolio also includes coordinating and disseminating UVic stories and events, whether it's through UVic websites, social media or publications.

Office: SED C167
Amos Rowsell

Web Interaction Designer
Internet Strategies

I develop and maintain the template, mark up and CSS (cascading style sheets) used to create UVic websites. I also design and develop the interactive elements of those websites.

Office: SED C142
Jes Scott

Social Media Coordinator
Internet Strategies

I spend a good part of my day online managing UVic's social media accounts. I share articles on Facebook, respond to tweets and post students' photos on Instagram. 

Our social media accounts need to tell the UVic story. Why choose to study here or partner with us? What makes us special? I use the UVic Edge brand when deciding what to post.

I am currently writing a social media strategy for the university. This document will define our goals and measurement plan.

Office: SED C138
Cathie Walker

Web Content Specialist
Internet Strategies

I mainly write and edit content for UVic websites. I'm also a trainer; I teach content writers across campus how to write for the web and coach them along the way. I supervise a co-op student, who writes plain-language blurbs of faculty members for the expertise database.

Office: SED C141