Welcome to the Fuzzy Slipper page. Here you can view a heart-warming gallery of images from VPFO staff who are working remotely, and other fun photos to brighten your day.

Keep checking back for new photos and VPFO content. 

And as always, feel free to share your own moments of working remotely. Send your photos to vpfoproj@uvic.ca


Sora wants to do yoga too, or just get pets, it's never quite clear.
Submitted by Chandra Beaveridge, VPFO

Stanley is only 8 months old and already 130 pounds, we're all doomed.
Submitted by Marshal McLernon, Pensions

Ashe is a new VPFO employee ready to tackle any issue or anything that moves really.
Submitted by Mark Stephenson, Treasury Services

The cat tree is Troy's new standing desk. Not everyone is excited about this.
Submitted by Troy Hasanen, Human Resources

DJ Roomba is back from the spa and they are looking totally relaxed.
Submitted by Adam Gaudes, University Systems

Jemma is literally staring at the hand that feeds her wondering if it will pet her too.
Submitted by Michael Kravec, Financial Accounting

Finally we get some actual fuzzy slippers!
Submitted by Dave Wolowicz, Payroll

Might as well splurge on a mechanical light up, cherry blossom keyboard.
Submitted by Rhonda Ljunggren, VPFO

The Feng Shui between these two regal beasts is optimal for emailing.
Submitted by James Pepler, VPFO

All animals know the secrets of sun beams. 
Submitted by Chris Baddock, University Systems

This office assistant demonstrates good personal hygiene and is quite willing to look at things from different perspectives. 
Submitted by Nella Gontier, Human Resources

DJ Roomba is showing his Vikes pride and ready to clean up the competition. 
Submitted by Adam Gaudes, University Systems

They're always watching you, wondering when the next pets will come their way. 
Submitted by Lori Shaw, General Counsel

A rare Andrew Coward sighting during some noon-time exercise. 
Submittted by Jim Forbes, VPAC

This is Jack. Jack needs your numbers on the quarterly review... NOW!
Submitted by Chandra Beaveridge, VPFO

A modern take on an adult tea party.
Submitted by Janice Johnson, Financal Services

Heidi shares her bright workspace, and what a view!
Submitted by Heidi Loveridge, Purchasing

Skye, the accountant dog love to run the numbers, also walk the numbers, and fetch the numbers.
Submitted by Mary Kirby, Accounting

Juno the cat is easily the most demanding of clients. 
Submitted by Ian Jones, Pensions

Rupert is ready to take meeting notes, be warned, his penmanship is dreadful.
Submittted by Lynn Meyers, Human Resources

How does one get any work done with those 'come hither and pet me' eyes?
Submitted by Donna Maxwell, Accounting

An after work happy hour beverage with some work pals is a perfect way to end a work day. Cheers!
Submitted by Kam Cheema, Human Resources

Oprah says, your office space should be at lease 10% porcelain or Hello Kitty. 
Submitted by Rhonda Ljunggren, VPFO

Any space can be a work space. Get creative around the house!
Submitted by Valeria Kandiral, Purchasing