Financial Irregularities Response Management (FIRM)

The University of Victoria (UVic) administers large volumes of funds and other assets for teaching, research, operations, and other related purposes, and is committed to maintaining sound management of its resources with integrity and honesty. Misuse of funds or other assets can negatively impact UVic’s reputation, operations, and / or financial health.

The purpose of Financial Irregularities Response Management (FIRM) is to provide guidance on how UVic will respond to the suspicion or detection of Financial Irregularities (FI). FIRM-related guidance is applicable to all areas or departments of UVic that may be involved in FI responses and investigations. Adherence to this guidance will protect the interests of the entire university community, including those making good-faith disclosures, and will safeguard individuals where disclosures prove unfounded.

Read the Financial Irregularities Response Management.