Principles Guiding the Service Excellence initiative

  • Flexible for diverse learning styles and relationships
  • Accessible to all types of employees and supervisors in VPFO
  • Growth and learning-oriented
  • Cross-portfolio focus, engagement, inclusivity, and transparency
  • Enduring commitment, expressed from the VPFO leadership

Employee Engagement Initiative

VISION: To foster employee engagement that supports VPFO Service Excellence by

  1. Empowering all VPFO staff to harness growth and cross-portfolio learning opportunities
  2. Developing team building and collaboration activities to strengthen cross-portfolio relationships

Upcoming Events:

Lunch and Learns

Martlet Blue

Lunch and Learns are one-hour micro sessions on a variety of useful skills and techniques.

October 29th
Recycling at home, on campus, and globally: Know your role!

November 19th
Ememrgency Preparedness Boot Camp; Know your environment!

December 10th
Exploring the new Campus Greenway: Know your univeristy!

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Meet the Teams

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Attend, Present, Integrate!

Designed to integrate and build connections across VPFO, these fun, interactive "Meet the Team" events are opportunities to find out surprising new things about what our colleagues in VPFO do day-in-and-day-out. Meet the faces behind the names and deepen your understanding of how VPFO works to serve the University of Victoria. Attend an upcoming session or volunteer your team to present!

No Registration required for these come and go events.

Check out our past events in the Gallery.


Strong Start

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Are you or your employee new to a position in the VPFO? The Service Excellence team has put together an event for you.

This is your chance to get to know some team members in the VPFO portfolio, pick up informational materials, learn about exciting services, and of course, meet other new employees in a casual setting.

The next Strong Start event will be held in mid-November, 2019. 

For more information email

VPFO Employee Appreciation BBQ

Martlet Blue

The second annual VPFO Employee Appreciation BBQ was a huge success!

Employees were able to relax in the sun, eat a burger, play big block jenga, connect with others, and help celebrate their colleagues' 5, 10, 15, and 20th milestone years of service at the university.

Check out the Events Gallery for photos of the event.


Ron meet the team

The Service Excellence Committee is always ready to support our on-campus and broader community in various ways. We've done BBQs, fancy High Teas, bake sales, Bocce tournaments, and more to support local and international causes and build cohesiveness among our teams. Find out about upcoming events and enjoy our gallery of past events!