Cross-institutional initiative

Travel Management

Employee Scheduling

Off-campus Travel Policy and Process Review

Payroll Process Review Recommendation

The environment in which we operate is changing rapidly.  Demographic and economic pressures, among other external forces, have us examining how best to maintain our strategic focus on the quality of the learning environment.  Part of that examination is a commitment to ensuring that our administrative systems and processes are as efficient and effective as possible to enable those who access those systems and processes to focus on their contribution to the academic mission of the university.


  • Determine priorities - include quick wins.
  • Clarify, simplify and standardize where possible.
  • Determine level of change impact - assess the best value.
  • Standardize policies, procedures and tools where opportunity exists.
  • Consolidate forms and explore electronic processes and signing - limit touch points and duplication.
  • Identify roles and accountability while reviewing process.
  • Integrate communication and training into change management process.
  • Measure and advertise the positive impacts.
  • Decrease administrative burden in academic and administrative units.
  • Consult widely with groups of employees doing the work and responsible for the outcome.
  • Assess capacity and resources for implementing change.