Thematic impact investments

Thematic impact investments are made by investing in assets that stand to benefit from macro-level trends.

Our intention is to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

These investments can be public or private investments and they target a range of returns.

Impact investment working group

The inclusion of thematic impact investments for at least 25% of the portfolio will require a fundamental shift in the how we invest UVic’s working capital investments.

A working group of experts on campus will support the impact investment goals outlined in the working capital investment policy.

The working group will provide information, expertise and advice that will inform:

  • investment decisions that support the goal of promoting sustainable futures and Indigenous economic development
  • the development of appropriate reporting to the Board and campus community
  • the road map for implementation of the impact investment strategy


  • Andrew Coward, Treasurer
  • Basma Majerbi, Associate Professor, Gustavson School of Business
  • Crystal Tremblay, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Kristi Simpson, Associate Vice-President, Financial Planning and Operations
  • Michael King, Associate Professor, Gustavson School of Business
  • Miles Richardson, Chair, National Consortium for Indigenous Economic Development

If you have any questions regarding the Impact Investment Working Group please contact us at .