Working Capital Investments

Artist rendering of UVic's new student housing complex

New student housing complex

When they open in September 2023, UVic's two new student housing and dining buildings will meet the most rigorous global building standards for sustainability and energy efficiency.

New student housing complex
UVic's District Energy Plant

STARS Gold earned thanks to LEED Gold Building

All of UVic's new campus buildings have been constructed to the LEED Gold sustainability standard since 2007, including the District Energy Plant.

STARS Gold earned thanks to LEED Gold Building
The main sign at the entrance of UVic campus

UVic adopts climate change charter

UVic is one of 15 Canadian universities who have pledged to follow responsible investment practices to address global climate change.

UVic adopts climate change charter

We’re planning for UVic’s future

At UVic, working capital investments are used to support the growth of our university. The investment earnings help us undertake vital capital projects to improve sustainability, research and learning throughout UVic.

We work with external professional managers to make responsible working capital investments.

Our goals are to:

  • preserve capital
  • provide liquidity by investing a portion of the funds in liquid short-term investments that can be converted to cash with no risk of principal loss
  • provide yield at a low level of volatility
  • maintain purchasing power
  • achieve a commitment of investing at least 25% of the portfolio in thematic impact investments