UVic investments

At UVic, investments are handled in different ways depending on the funds in question.

Working capital investments

UVic working capital investments are funds that arise from:

  • operating and research funding received in advance
  • unspent annual budgets that are carried forward
  • insurance reserves
  • other funds set aside for future purposes such as the replacement of equipment, major capital projects and other significant initiatives

We invest the funds in the working capital investments under policies approved by the Board of Governors.

We also act as the internal bank of the university. We typically provide financing for capital projects at a fixed interest rate for a term of up to 20 years. See the Internal Loan Rates for 2022/23.

Endowment funds

The external University of Victoria Foundation manages the funds raised through endowed donations to UVic. Endowments are founded on the vision of a donor to create a lasting legacy at the university. They support scholarships, bursaries, buildings, academic programs and more.

Pension funds

The university has three pension plans. Various boards and committees manage and invest these funds.

Student Investment Fund

The Applied Portfolio Management Program (APMP) is a student-run investment program, centered on education and responsible investing. It’s managed by an independent investment advisory committee. The program provides students with hands-on experience managing portfolio of stocks and bonds.