New UVic-RAIS feature available


  • Enables researchers, ORS staff and research accounting to connect ethics approvals with research accounts for efficiency, compliance and funding relase on ethics approvals
  • Compliant with Tri-Agency (federal) requirements


  • Supports application preparation, electronic sign-off in departments, and submission to Office of Research Sevices
  • Tracks the status of ethics applications, submission of required changes, and monitors expiry dates of protocols
  • Researchers can view the status of their applications and monitor the progress of review and approval process
  • Provides a repository for documents, including applications, certifications and renewals


  • Principal Investigator (PI) - UVic-RAIS (and resulting research ethics certificate of approval) will recognize and designate the faculty member who is the student's supervisor as the "principal investigator"
  • Principal Applicant (PA) - student researchers and post-doctoral fellows conducting their own projects, thesis, or dissertation.
  • Signatory - departmental signing authority (department chair, director, dean or their designates) 
  • These designations are for research compliance purposes (only faculty members are permitted to hold research accounts).


Research team members log into the system with a valid Netlink ID. Principal Investigator must grant access to research team members (e.g. faculty supervisor, supervising a student, must grant them access in order for the student to view and edit application). Students, and other research team member will not automatically get access to an application without principal investigator assigning access to each member individually. 

  • Principal Investigator logs into the system to initiate an online ethics application
  • Principal Investigator grants access to teh identified form to a specific student (research team member)
  • Principal Applicant / any research team member with "View and Edit" access (and the Principal Investigator) completes the ethics application
  • Principal Investigator electronically forwards the ethics application to the Signatory for academic sign-off within the system (Submit button)
  • Signatory completes sign-off of the applicationwithin the online system, thereby directly submitting the application to the research ethics office
  • Principal Investigator and research team members (inlcuding Principal Applicant) will receive notifications for the ethics office. Either will be able to submit revised ethics materials online and access online application for reference.